About Us


Created and Founded by ZeonuX on January 2017. WIKD Gaming was once an only COD clan but ever since Fortnite Battle Royale was released we have opened our doors to our Fortnite community. The COD team has been disbaned and now WIKD Gaming will take our opportunity towards Fortnite. Yes we are a brand new Fortnite Clan but we are setting the tone high and become one of the best Fortnite clans in the game. Once you are in you will carry out our prestigious clan tag [WIKD] Make sure to go over our rules since you are respresenting this organization, do not tarnish our name! Have fun, create new friendships and go HARD! Remember being in WIKD is a privilage. WIKD is a brand and you must repect our team rules at all times. #aintnorestfortheWIKD

 Social Media

  • As of right now we are not in any social media platform. I feel that it takes away from actually visiting our official site. Any announcements toward WIKD will be posted here. Any social media accounts that claim that they are WIKD are FAKE.


Ranking System:

  • Leader
  • Captain
  • Member


In order to move up ranks you must show loyalty, matureness, and be active for the team.