Clan Information

Glad to see you have taken interest in joining our team. Here at WIKD we want to make sure all of our members and our guests feel right at home. WIKD Gaming is a clan for a selective hardcore PS4 Fortnite players. Currently we have a member cap of 40. If you see the applications closed then please check back during another day. 

Clan Rules:

  1. Respect all clan members and officials.
  2. Represent WIKD on social media. Do not bad-mouth; sponsorships, opponents.
  3. Rage-quitting is not allowed if you are with 3 or more WIKD members. 
  4. No session joining team members.
  5. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.



  1. Discord Application (You can download the application on your PC & MOBILE device) Android and Apple certified*
  2. 18+ Years Old
  3. North American Players ONLY (EU Roster still not out)
  4. Must have a gaming headset
  5. Play 10 hours a week minimum
  6. Fortnite (PS4)



  • Make sure when you apply you already have Discord installed.
  • Note that when you apply you will be asked for your Discord Tag #. This is how we will communicate you for tryouts.
  • You will be contacted via the Discord APP by one of our captains.
  • Tryouts usually take 1-2 matches. We are looking for talented and team orientated individuals.
  • After your tryouts are done with you will be contacted via Discord on your perfomance. If you end up passing you will be invited to our WIKD Gaming Server on Discord. 
  • Best of luck!